Learn to Code for future Space Scientists

Monday, 23 October 2017
12pm to 4pm

There are currently two AstroPi computers in the International Space Station.

These are Raspberry Pi computers with lots of sensors used on spacecraft.

Teams of students aged 14 and under are guaranteed to have their code run in space for 30 seconds.

Teams of students aged 19 and under can additionally enter a competition to design a space science experiment.
Winners will have 3 hours (2 earth orbits) to run their code and will be eligible for a Bronze Crest Award.

Adults welcome to take part but can't take part in space activties.
Suitable for beginners, no experience of coding necessary. Please bring charged laptops.

More details and booking on https://www.southendtech.co.uk/your-code-in-space-2017

Additional events on https://www.southendtech.co.uk/

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Close up of electronics being repaired
Event Location
The Hive Enterprise Centre
Victoria Avenue