Activities for Families who live with Dementia

We pay for materials used for crafts, for coffee or lunches out. We are a charity and do not make a profit.

Next on Monday, 4 February 2019
10am to 12pm
First Monday of the month

We are always surprised and delighted with our efforts, encouraged by Debbie we produce something every month, from Christmas wreaths to bookmarks. We make a small contribution towards the materials, coffee and tea is available. Some people just watch and encourage, there is no pressure.

We meet several times a month, we play boules, have a pub lunch, visit places, enjoy gently walks, do crafts, have brunches together. We are a group who want to enjoy life and have some fun knowing life is difficult. We are a registered charity, Other Halves, and we have a Facebook presence. 

We find being together encourages us to do things we might no longer do with our partners. We remember and celebrate birthdays, now forgotten and we are open to new ideas about what people would like to do. We are currently looking at a trip to The Civic to enjoy a musical event. All ideas welcome.

For older people
four older people drinking coffee and laughing
07955 345290
Event Location
Chelmsford Library
Market Road